Professor of Public Administration

Alex Ghazarian

Alex  Ghazarian was a professor in the public administration department at California State University Dominguez Hills


Professor Ghazarian teaches at California State University Dominguez Hills in the Public Administration department. Through his diverse experiences, he is able to provide his students with relevant and effective knowledge in the field.

He is known to be an expert in the dynamics of OSHA, what many of his students are interested in. Ghazarian is a non-intimidating professor who encourages involvement and emphasizes the importance of learning.

Beyond the standard class, he gives advice for the most effective classes to take to improve your employment chances. E.g. The next classes to take after his.

He also emphasizes fun in his class, which gives him a near perfect rating on Rate My Professors.

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Prison Bus Breakdown

Prison Bus Breaks Down In Maricopa

The city of Maricopa faced a difficult situation over the weekend. A prison bus, with over 30 dangerous inmates onboard, broke down in the middle of the small town.

Police force of Maricopa wanted to address the situation in a quick and quiet manner. The last thing they wanted was to scare the local residents, or give an opportunity for the inmates to plan an escape.

Thankfully, a local school bus mechanic came to the rescue.

Cpt. Ghazarian notes how dangerous and hectic the situation could have been. The brake down was only about 400 yards from the local high school.

The federal prisoners were being transferred from Chino to San Luis Obispo.

The Maricopa Police force kept an eye on the prisoners as the bus driver & guards plan their next move.

Steve Fitzsimmons, the local School District’s mechanic, was walking by when he saw the bus broken down. He made his way over and got right to work.

“That many knuckleheads.. They didn’t need to be stranded,” said Fitzsimmons. He has worked with the district for 6 years.

“If you do things for the right reasons, it all works out.”

The police force had 6 officers help the potentially dangerous transfer of 33 prisoners on a new bus.

They arrived in SLO safely.

Impersonators Stopped: Criminals Getting Their Hands on Police Uniforms

In 2011, Maricopa police were notified of some extra police uniforms that were seemingly floating around the public. Alex, who was police officer at the time, comments on the nightly news.

A drug bust in Maricopa exposed how simple it is to get ahold of police uniforms. Two Maricopa Police Uniforms were recovered at the scene.

Police and Police Volunteers were the same uniform for the longest time. This lead to Official police uniforms floating around the community. Leading to one thing: a rise in people impersonating police officers for their personal gain.

Ghazarian reports that at the warrented drug bust, 1980s volunteer uniforms were recovered. From the eyes of the public, it would look exactly like an official uniform.

When he took over in 2010, he made sure that their uniforms were up to standard. The light blue uniforms were now for volunteers only, and extra steps were taken to make the official police uniforms known.

They redesigned the patch, badge, and more. Ghazarian says impersonators want one of two things: that they want to be respected like a Police Officer, or they want the opportunity to commit a crime.

If you feel that there is an impersonator, Ghazarian says to not hesitate to call 911.